We Are Professionnal

We believe that design is one of the languages of communication, and we have an incentive to participate in the dialogue of the concept through designs that we offer. Our first step was through a workshop for decoration works in the name of Oxygen in 2007.
Then expanding has occurred in 2011 to include a specialized office for designs and decorations in our current location Baghdad – Arasat Al- Hindiya-
The company has developed to have specialized teams for civil, construction, electrical and sanitary works
These developments may seem very simple, but it requires creativity, collaboration and critical care in all parts of the work, for that we provide projects that reflect the major ideas through creative designs.

Our Area

The company has proven managerial, technical and financial capabilities to end all projects assigned to it in a timely and effective and high quality.
Starting from the detection on the site, work on design, supervisions and implementation, then handing the key of the location.
Our works have been implemented for most professions and disciplines,
and we are diligent in our hard working to achieve the best results desired to satisfy our customers.


Each time we deal with “Ozone Design Zone” we expect good work but always the result is much more perfect than our expectation

Al-Nabaa CO.

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“By having a bigger purpose, it just might be that Avira’s building a 21st century design studio: the crucible of big, world-changing ideas.”

ROBERT SMITHCeo of Geckoos.com